Hue Personal Wireless Lighting

Turn your everyday lighting into an extradionary experience. Play with colours or sync your smart lights with your music and films.

Transform your everyday lighting into an extraordinary home experience with Philips smart lighting system. Let your music and entertainment come alive with our shifting and intelligent smart lighting available in Hong Kong

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with wireless lighting, allowing you to control your smart lighting system with just your voice or app. Thanks to Philips wireless lighting features, you can control your lights anyway you want, anywhere in your home.

Our Hong Kong smart lighting collection includes a range of products that promises a new, exciting way of experiencing home and entertainment.

Hue Lightstrips

Upgrade your Hong Kong smart lighting system with our brilliant and discreet hue lightstrips. Create your personal lightning experience, and switch up the vibes with over sixteen million colour options. Hue lightstrips can be placed anywhere – along the bar, under cabinets, behind televisions – however you want. Hue lightstrips are fully customizable, allowing you to bend, cut, and even extend your lightstrip to up to five meters (extensions sold separately). With hue lightstrips, you can even expand your wireless lighting system to your terrace or garden with its outdoor-friendly build.

Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

Experience a completely re-imagined entertainment landscape when your wireless lighting system is empowered with the HDMI sync box. Four HDMI inputs allow you to integrate various devices into your hue setup, resulting in intelligent smart lighting that responds to and reflects your entertainment you watch or listen to. Enjoy vibrant and quick-changing colours in a fast-paced action scene. Watch your music come to life with an accompanying light show. Enjoy your entertainment in a whole new light.

Hue Play

Enhance your entertainment setup with the versatile hue play light bar. An integral addition to your wireless lighting system. Perfect as a backlight to your television or as a supporting lighting system for your entertainment. Thanks to the included stands, you have full control over your light bar’s positioning; set them upright or mount them to the tv – or just lay them flat!

Hue Go

Enjoy unrivalled smart lighting portability with the Hue Go. Its built-in battery allows you to bring the Hue Go and its sixteen million colour options anywhere. Let your Hue Go elevate your environment with its various smart lighting effects such as Cozy Candle, Meditation, Enchanted Forest, and Night Adventure to set the perfect mood. The Hue Go is the perfect bedside companion with its Wake up routine and Go to sleep routine. Connect your Hue Go to the Hue Bridge and enjoy a gentle wakeup with its sunrise light mimic. Conversely, your Hue Go can help you wind down with its warm white lights that gradually dims as you drift off to sleep.

Hue Bridge

Let your smart lighting in Hong Kong come to life with the hue bridge. The hue bridge allows you to connect up to 50 lights and accessories within your wireless lighting system, giving you total control over your lighting experience. Enjoy an array of features when using the hue bridge with the hue app; set routines, timers, custom light scenes, and more.

Hue Motion Sensor

The hue motion sensor adds the “smart” to your lighting system. The sensor controls your lights automatically, thanks to its motion detection. Simply walk by the sensor to trigger your lights. With day and night settings, experience a crisp white light for full visibility during the day and a gentle warm glow at night. Perfect for terraces, hallways, and bathrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my TV or HDMI device compatible with the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box and Dolby Vision?

TV models that support Dolby Vision from these brands have been tested:

Brand/model Compatible with light sync
LG Only 2017 and later
Sony All
Vizio 2018 and later
TCL 2018 and later
Panasonic All
Philips All

The following HDMI Sources that support Dolby Vision have been tested:

Source Compatible with light sync
Apple TV 4K Yes
FireTV 4K Yes
Chromecast Ultra Yes
Nvidia Shield (2019 models) Yes
Xbox One S/X (only apps) Yes
Blu-ray players No

What do I need to be able to sync my smart lights with the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box?

Integrating your smart lights with your Sync Box is simple:

Via the Philips app, install Philips Hue colour-capable lights and your Hue Bridge
Connect your Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box to your HDMI devices and TV
Download the Philips Hue Sync mobile app

How do I connect a Hue Go to the Hue Bridge?

Connecting your Philips Hue Go to your Hue Bridge is a simple and easy process. There are two ways to do this:

Go to the Settings tab in the Hue app and tap Lights.
Tap the (+) icon positioned in the top left corner and follow the assigned instructions.

Alternatively, you can add the light to your wireless lighting system via assigning it to a Room:

Navigate to the Room where you want to connect the Hue Go
Tap the (…) icon in the top right corner
Tap Add lights
Tap Add a new light at the top of the screen and follow the assigned instructions

How do I add a Lightstrip to my existing Hue system?

Thanks to the adhesive material featured on Philips Hue Lightstrips, you can attach the product to walls, floors, and any other pieces of indoor furniture with ease. To begin using a Philips Hue Lightstrip, ensure that the product is plugged into a power source. When the Lightstrip begins to emit a bright white light, you can connect the product to the Hue Bridge the same way you would normally connect a light to your Hue system.

If the Hue app cannot find or recognize the Lightstrip even when entering the serial number, the Lightstrip could be out of reach of the Hue Bridge. If moving the Lightstrip closer to the Hue Bridge doesn’t correct the issue, please contact Philips Lighting Hong Kong for assistance.

How do I add an accessory to my Hue system?

To integrate an accessory into your Hue Smart Lighting System, proceed with the following steps:

Go to the Settings tab.
Tap Accessories.
Tap the Add Accessory button positioned at the top of the screen.
Tap the accessory you would like to integrate into your smart lighting system and follow the instructions.

How do I reset a Hue accessory to its default settings?

Reset any Hue smart light accessory to its default settings by completing the following instructions:

Go to the Settings tab.
Tap Accessories.
Tap the accessory you would like to reset to its default settings.
Tap Reset positioned at the bottom of the screen and follow the assigned instructions.