Smart Accessories

Make your lighting smarter and create breathtaking scenes at home with the right Philips Hue accessories.
  • Accessories

    Hue Dimmer Switch v2

    • Wireless installation
    • Battery-powered
    • Easy access to light scenes
    • Use as a remote control
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  • Luminaires

    Hue Sync Box Combo Offer

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  • Accessories

    Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

    • Sync lights with your home theater
    • Connect up to 4 HDMI devices
    • Personalize your experience
    • Requires Bridge and Hue lights
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  • Accessories

    Hue Motion Sensor

    • Wireless installation
    • Automates your lights
    • Adjusts light to time of day
    • Mounts anywhere
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  • Accessories

    Hue Bridge

    • Simple setup
    • Smart control
    • Add up to 50 lights
    • Control with app or voice
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